Our Strength

We build a new "Smart Public", with voices of the public service users and the power of digital technology!

Asukoe Partners will create a new "Smart Public", which transcends the boundaries between the public and private sectors, by revolutionizing governments and society through user-oriented digital transformation about public services.


  1. The world standard model for public services, Universal Menu®

    "Universal Menu (UM) ®" is a "standard menu system related to public services" initially developed by the NPO Asukoe.
    Currently, we have obtained six patents related to UM, which can serve as a core system platform for the digital government. Cooperating with the International Universal Menu Association: IUMA, we are working on further research and dissemination activities.

  2. Focus on "content-centric" rather than "system-centric" DX solutions.
    Total support for government DX solutions from system development to operation.

    We provide with various DX solutions from smartphone apps to web online applications, such as "Kosodate-Town", "Public Service Navi", "Application Support Plus" and "Jimotoku". The goal is not to build a only system, but to provide with a total solution that can operate on behalf of the central and local governments to update the latest information and add content in a timely manner based on the diverse needs of residents.

  3. Excellent consultations to help with various issues and needs related to public services and government DX.

    One of our strengths is our consulting service to provide a wide range of solutions to solve our clients' issues. Asukoe has rich knowledge about such as childcare support, nursing care, support for disaster victims. We also have rich expertise about "standardization" about public service information such as administrative systems, procedures, applications, and government internal operations.


  1. The user's voices are our core belief. Our teams put significant importance on users' voices.

    The products and services we provide are characterized by users' voices. Our professional team designs user segmentation and targeting strategy based on the voices of users, and designs DX solutions based on the scenario about the users. The ability to propose strategic administrative DX solutions based on various feedbacks from users to citizens. This is one of our major strengths.

  2. Focusing on the importance of content about public service.

    Since its inception, we has been involved in information structuring and data distribution about public services. In the case of DX on government, system development tends to be the first priority, and the information structure tends to be left behind. We consider information about administrative service must be useful and important data as meaningful "contents". We believe that real administrative DX cannot be achieved without the contents, and we have been working on structuring administrative service information from the early stage. Our strength lies in the knowledge we have accumulated and the experience we have gained from operating lots of municipal DX solutions across the country.

  3. Develop global standard public service DX solutions with collaborating teams by world leading governments and leading DX companies.

    The Universal Menu has been attracting attention as a standardization method for administrative DX from around the world. Our strengths include collaboration with European international organizations that promote standardization, such as Estonia, a country famous for its IT and e-government, as well as with leading companies that support DX in Japan and overseas. We aim to realize high quality services through collaboration and cooperation with governments and private companies that share the same goals and objectives.


Corporate Philosophy


  • Our voices have the power to change the world.

    In the voices of each and every one of us, there is a hidden desire for the future, or "tomorrow". We respect the diversity of the desires. We believe that the various voices in the world are the driving forces that moves the world.

  • We utilize the Internet power to create an infrastructure for next public service based on our voices.

    We build an "infrastructure for utilizing users' voices" using the Internet to collect, organize, categorize, and disseminate diverse voices from around the world.

  • Our engagement sustains efforts in social activities. We will engage in "social activities" that contribute to the community and society.

    We realize our target social activities as sustainable and reliable activities. Therefore our activities must be carried out as a business that generates a proper profit to keep our activities sustainable.


Social change through our voices and government services. "Once you know it, you can use it; when you use it, you can change it."

Distribution of public services; Development of Public Service Operating System.

Developing the World Government Interface.

The people will do it, not the government.

Our Style

We respect the diversity of voices and make the most of their power.

We take ownership of our work with a sense of professional pride and responsibility.

We work with speed, planning, and "continuity" in mind.

We value activities that involve personal growth and fun.

We will realize an organization and teamwork where "ordinary things" can be done "ordinary".

The "ordinary things" are "reporting, communication, and consultation," "tidiness," "greetings," and "gratitude".

We will voluntarily work to create an organization that can realize Asukoe's philosophy and action guidelines.


Message from
Founder & CEO

It has already been more than 10 years since the foundation of Asukoe. Compared to the time of our founding, the current trend of government DX, including the Digital Agency in Japan, is a world apart.
We has always aimed to think about how to create a "new public" with the private sector, not just focusing on business with the central and local governments.

There are four things that have been important to us since our founding.
The first is to focus on the user's point of view, the second is to use IT technology to create a platform that can be shared with various participants, and the third is to tackle social issues as a business. The most important thing for us is the "contents" of public services.
Japan's various administrative services, which the central and local governments have worked hard to create and which have been further refined through use and application by residents, are excellent contents that Japan can be proud to share with the world. Our goal is to utilize the power of IT and DX approaches to organize, reprocess, and disseminate these public service contents to the world.

Founder & CEO Hideyuki Yasui


M.S. in Computer Science, Keio University
Consultant, McKinsey & Company
M.S. in Institute of the Learning Science, Northwestern University
Co-founder, SilC (Computer Development Enterprise for the Elderly)
Director, DBMG Corporation
Provides a wide range of consulting services related to web and marketing strategies, not only for corporations but also for public institutions such as government.

  • Founder and CEO, Asukoe Partners, Inc.
  • President, NPO ASUKOE
  • Director, International Universal Menu Association
  • Visiting Professor, Keio University Media Studies


  • Board member,
    Junko Arao


    Graduated from Kansai University, Faculty of Engineering.
    After working at the Kinki Post Office and as a manager in charge of public relations, advertising, and sales promotion at a healthcare-related company, she has been working at the present.
    She is in charge of administrative system database construction and overall site creation at our company.

  • Board member,
    Nao Kitano


    She studied social systems theory and robot ethics at the doctoral course of Waseda University. Has studied in graduate schools in China, the U.S., and Italy.
    After working for a French foreign company, she founded an e-Learning venture and a Robotics venture.
    In our company, she is in charge of overall strategic management and new business planning, as well as digital government promotion projects with government ministries and agencies and local governments, smart city-related projects, and overseas government agency collaboration projects.

  • Executive Officer,
    Makoto Kondo


    After researching AR technology at Keio University's Graduate School of Media Studies, he developed home applications for smartphones, and was in charge of UI and shell-related development for Japan's first handwriting-specialized tablet device.
    He is in charge of designing and developing our applications and Universal Menu® related database.

  • Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member.
    Shinichi Ueyama


    Master of Public and International Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University
    Bachelor of Law, Kyoto University
    Professor of Public Management, Keio University (Faculty of Policy Management)
    After working for the former Ministry of Transportation and as a co-owner of McKinsey & Company, he has been in his current position.
    Served as chairman of the Policy Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), special advisor to Osaka Prefecture and the City of Osaka, and as an auditor, advisor, and committee member of various government agencies and companies.


Corporate Profile

Name Asukoe Partners, Inc.
Founder, CEO Hideyuki Yasui
Date of Establishment February 8, 2010
Paid-In Capital ¥50 million
Office Xymax Kamiyacho BLDG. 2F, 12-13, Toranomon 5-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001, Japan
Business Provision of public services related information through Universal Menu®
Contents, database, and website developing support business related to the Universal Menu®
Government consulting business
Administrative Internet Advertisement Business
International Universal Menu Association: IUMA
We have joined as a regular board member and are acting as the secretariat.
NPO Asukoe (Projects based on citizens' voices...government website evaluation, regional and social change)
We support and cooperate with NPO activities.

Our History

2005. 12 Established NPO Asukoe.
2008. 10 The first UM Workshop at Tokyo International Forum.
2009. 02 The second UM Workshop at the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research.
2010. 02 Established Asukoe Partners, Inc.
2011. 02 Launched "OpenUM" , a study group of internet-related companies on UM.
07 Released a portal site for administrative services available to disaster victims "Recovery and Reconstruction Support Navigation".
2012 Launch of "the Public Service ID Roundtable".
08 Launch of the world's first [Universal Menu®] platform "Kosodate-Town" service.
12 The national administrative information database "Jimotoku".
2013. 06 "Recovery and Reconstruction Support Navigation" introduced as an example of Japan's open data initiatives at the G8 Summit.
07 Expansion of the "Recovery and Reconstruction Support Navigation" with support from the Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Initiatives Foundation.
11 The number of local governments participating in the "Kosodate-Town Project" has exceeded 50.
2014. 06 Relocation of office from Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo to Toranomon 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
12 The "Kosodate-Town" project won the Business Award in the Open Data category at the 10th Mashup Awards (currently named the Heroes League).
2015. 03 The Nikkei introduced Asukoe solutions such as Kosodate-Town.
2016. 06 Allianced with Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. and started collaboration in the field of administrative information provision business toward the realization of a "Smart Public".
06 Relocation of office from Toranomon 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo to Toranomon 5-chome (current address).
08 Began providing administrative service information to NTT DoCoMo, Inc.'s "i-concier®".
2017. 02 Hosted "Municipal Website Award 2017".
10 Launched Universal Menu AI Contents "Clemento" to support chatbot introduction.
12 The book "The Official Handbook for Introducing the Universal Menu" was published.
2018. 02 Hosted "Municipal Website Award 2018".
10 Using open data from the Government CIO Portal, the "Recovery and Reconstruction Assistance Navigation" was renovated.
11 Signed an agreement with the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and Tallinn University of Technology for the joint development of data collaboration between Universal Menu® and the Service Catalogue for Estonia.
2019. 02 Signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd. to explore joint projects in the areas of digital government and smart cities.
05 Hosted the Public Experience Awards Committee and hold the Public Experience Awards 2019.
08 Signed an agreement with Chiba City for a trial of web-based application document preparation.
10 Released "Judgment Navigation for preschool education and day-care service free".
2020. 03 Providing necessary support to those who need it. Emergency release of "COVID-19 Support Navigation (Provisional release version)". 
05 Establishment of the "Tokyo Metropolitan Government Support Navigation System for COVID-19".
05 Establishment of "Kyoto City COVID-19 Measures Business Support Navigation".
05 Support for COVID-19 measures; three services to support municipal counter operations "Application Total Package".
06 Providing information on COVID-19 support system to Yahoo!
06 Launched "Public Service Navi" and "Application Support Plus" services for local governments.
07 Open source for COVID-19 Support Information Navigation released.
07 Aid For Project - "Kumamoto Prefecture July 2020 Torrential Rain Support Navigation" website is open
07 A third-party allocation to Densan System Co., Ltd., concluded a capital and business alliance agreement.
08 "Miyagi Prefecture COVID-19 support navigation" is open.
09 Aid For Project - "Fukuoka Prefecture July 2020 Torrential Support Navigation" website is open.
12 Began providing "Application Form Preparation Support Service" in Aizuwakamatsu City.
12 Released the owned media "Gov Tech Channel (currently named GDX TIMES)".
2021. 02 "Public Service Navi" in Sendai City started.
03 Operation of "Public Service Navi" and "Application Support Plus" started in Yokosuka City.
03 A third-party allocation to Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd. concluded a capital and business alliance agreement.